BSR Outdoor Sports will provide you with lunch while training at our rifle ranges, and you will be released in time to enjoy a number of restaurant choices at Winstar Resort & Casino or other dining options in the area.

Students will be allowed to bring their own firearms and ammo for both the long-range course and pistol courses.  Students can also rent our custom Brace Built precision long range .308 rifles and purchase ammo for rental rifles. 

Check in will be sent to you in your welcome packet for each individual classes and transportation will be provided from Winstar Resort and Casino to and from Battle Springs Ranch.

We have a 101 class that is perfect for you!  Every single one of us started somewhere, and we realize how much fun sending some lead down range is.  Our world class instructors will make you feel right at home and comfortable.  One of our goals here at Battle Springs Ranch is introducing new people to the sport so that it can thrive for generations to come!

No, we do not currently allow observers on the course so that we can keep learning fun and as safe as possible. You will, however, have the opportunity to take part in our photo and video service that you can bring home to share with others. 



- Clothing suitable for any outdoor weather.  We always recommend checking the weather in Ardmore, OK.  Weather in Southern Oklahoma can change quickly depending on the season, so the old Scout motto of “Always be prepared” is very fitting at Battle Springs Ranch.

- Personal wraparound eyewear (i.e. polycarbonate lenses or non-shattering prescription glasses) are required at all times while on the range.

- Ear protection is required at all times while on the range.

- Closed-toe shoes or boots.  No open-toe footwear is allowed while on the range.  Crocks, even though they look amazing with tactical clothing, are also not allowed while on the range.


- Knee and elbow pads

- Hats or head covering



Battle Springs Ranch is located in beautiful Overbrook, Oklahoma on I-35. We recommend if flying in to arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW) which is 1.5 hours South of the property or flying into Oklahoma City (OKC) which is 1.5 hours North of the property. 

Car Rentals:

Please make car rental plans with your flight arrangements; BSR Outdoor Sports does not offer transportation to and from the facility. 


Visit our “lodging” page to discover lodging options close to the ranch. Winstar Resort & Casino has partnered with BSR Outdoor Sports to provide world class night-time entertainment and golf packages and BSR Outdoor Sports will provide transportation to and from Winstar if you choose to lodge at their resort.


All applicants for our training courses must be US citizens not legally barred from possessing firearms.  For non-US citizens interested in a training course, please call us directly. 


If you need to cancel your booking up to 10 days before your scheduled class, you will receive a credit to be used to re-book your class.

Due to the exclusivity of our bookings, if you do not attend the re-booked dates, you will forfeit your full payment.

If cancellation occurs within 10 days of the booking date, you will forfeit your full payment.


For rebookings prior to 72 hours of the booking, you will be issued a rebooking credit valid for use within 365 days of the original booking date with no fee.

Due to the exclusivity of our bookings, if you do not attend the re-booked dates, you will forfeit your full payment.

Rebooking is not allowed within 72 hours.

Weather-Related Cancellations:

The weather in Southern Oklahoma can be unpredictable at best. In the event of sustained, severe weather (thunderstorm), you will be eligible for a rebooking credit to be issued in half-day increments. 

That being said, lightning is the main factor that would facilitate a cancellation, and often times thunderstorms here pass quickly. In most cases, there is more likely to be a short delay in training or fishing than a full cancellation.

We actively monitor the weather conditions and will always have a good idea of what to expect. We keep your safety at the forefront of EVERYTHING we do, so if we don’t think it is safe, our judgement is final.  In the event of unsafe weather conditions, you will be eligible for a rebooking credit to be issued in half-day increments.


Battle Springs Ranch

Overbrook, Oklahoma

Located in Southern Oklahoma, Battle Springs Ranch is like none other.  The abundant wildlife, changing terrain, and rich history provide a "bucket list" experience.  The 3,000-acre property has topography and natural habitat that is vastly diverse boasting two historical lakes of over 200 acres combined on the property.  For an unrivaled shooting experience Battle Springs Ranch will not disappoint.