The land that makes up Battle Springs Ranch is steeped in one historical theme:


That is the mindset that drove us to put together a top-notch collection of instructors and a 1-day event with 3 individual courses that are designed to teach you elements of armed combat that have been tried and proven by some of America's finest warriors.

The Courses

Combat Pistol/Carbine

This course taught by Matt Tardio and Liselle Patriot is designed to cover the fundamentals of pistol and carbine shooting - including: transitions, reloads, shooting while moving, single, and multiple target engagements

Extended-Range Carbine

This carbine course, taught by former Green Beret Josh Diringer, is designed to stretch the legs on your battle rifle - including: shooting from alternate positions, shooting from cover, and engaging steel targets out to 400 yards

Building Clearing/CQB

This course, taught by Former Green Beret Zach Fitchett, is designed to teach you the fundamental elements of clearing a building/structure - including: weapon manipulation and how to move as a cohesive unit.

The Instructors

Former Green Beret

Matt Tardio

Overall Bad Ass

Liselle D. Patriot

Former Green Beret

Josh Diringer

Former Green Beret

Zach Fitchet

Battle School FAQs

How it Works:

-Check in will start at 8:00am.

-Students will be divided into 3 groups and the first course will start at 9:00am.

-Each course will run for roughly 2 hours. At the end of the first course there will be an included lunch.

-Before the 3rd there will be a break for water/snacks.

What to Bring: 

-Pistol and Holster

-Carbine with sights/optic

-200 rounds of ammo for each

What to Wear:

-Comfortable, hot weather gear

-Boots/Athletic shoes - no open-toed shoes (or battle Crocs)

-A sturdy belt for your holstered pistol

-Knee pads/plate carriers/elbow pads/helmet are optional but recommended

Battle Springs Ranch

Overbrook, Oklahoma

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