Truly Legendary: Battle Springs Ranch

For thousands of years, the land surrounding the Battle Springs Ranch was considered a very special place. Rich in natural resources, centrally located, and easily accessible – The Battle Springs Prairie, as it was known, was a highly contested piece of land.

The heart of the Battle Springs Prairie, a sprawling 3,500+ acre tract of land that encompasses two 100+ lakes fed by the springs for which the prairie was named, was converted into a gentleman’s Rod and Gun club over 100 years ago. As a playground for oil tycoons, and other celebrities of their times, Battle Springs Ranch thrived as a private hunting and fishing club.

Under private ownership now, for the first time in the history of Battle Springs Ranch, it is being opened to guests. The owners are committed to the spirit of this place and the heritage of the land – keeping it what it was always intended to be: a gathering place of warriors and a fishing experience that is legendary in Southern Oklahoma.

From industry-leading tactical training facilities to world-class private fishing lakes, the owners of the Battle Springs Ranch want to share this incredible piece of history responsibly and sustainably.

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